Expertise in the World’s top C-ITS solutions

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About IT Telecom

Expertise in the World’s top C-ITS solutions

Drive to the
Next Generation

Since IT Telecom(ITT) was established in 2004, ITT has made continuous and utmost efforts to develop the cutting edge ITS wireless communication technology like V2X.
ITT was a leading V2X device(including V2X applications) vendor in Korea nationwide C-ITS R&D project, Smart Highway, of which period was longer than 7 years, and this led ITT to had successfully done the scratch development of whole V2X communication stacks, DSRC & ITS G5, including base band modem (IEEE802.11p) which was programed in FPGA.
ITT adapted its whole stack to the V2X conformance test system which contracted with Keysight on Mar 2018. Also, ITT ported NXP and Autotalks base band modem chip in its Linux based V2X devices (OBU & RSU) using its upper layer V2X software stack.
Most currently ITT became a V2X device vendor which supply 3000 OBU’s and 100 RSU’s for the Jeju Island (Korea) C-ITS project. And Keysight obtained the OQTE (OmniAir Qualifed Test Equipment) qualification with ITT conformance test engine software and hardware in January 2019. ITT has successfully developed C-V2X device by interfacing its upper stack with Autotalks and Qualcomm base band modem. And ITT is also developing the use cases to supply for C-ITS Seoul project, which is similar size project with Jeju Island C-ITS project and will be using C-V2X device.