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The V2X Software Stack is a flexible embedded solution that is developed based on the specification of
the ISO / ETSI / IEEE / SAE / C2C-CC communication architecture, providing a modular framework and small
footprint for various resource-constrained target platforms, supporting Linux and RTOS operating systems.

SOFTWARE Arichitecture(DSRC, ITS-G5, C-V2X)

Applicable Architecture

Architecture Independency

Software Solutions

Platform Arbiter This allows customer device’s H/W driver to get control of ITT V2X Module
ITT Stack Core software of the ITT V2X Module, this stack contains V2X protocol
Platform SDK This allows customer app to access the H/W driver of customer’s device to let it use of ITT V2X Module
H/W Driver This allows the action of the hardware function. This will let customer app to get control of hardware function


Native C


Sample Application

Configurable Running Environment

Technical Document and Support